Dr. Bahman Ashraf has devoted the better part of his life to the medical field. During his career, he has acquired a total of twenty-eight (28) years of schooling. He has obtained specialty training in several fields including surgical from the University of Paris VI in Paris, France, and physical rehabilitation at the State University of New York. Downstate Health Center in Brooklyn New York.

Many years of research and experience have been dedicated to the field of cosmetic surgery primarily focused on hair transplantation, facial rejuvenation, and liposuction. As a result of this dedication, Dr. Bahman Ashraf has been able to design and develop three (3) surgical instruments, all accepted and approved by the United States Department of Patents for the purpose of further improvement of surgical techniques and enhancement of the final esthetic outcome.

All Dr. Bahman Ashraf’s accomplishments in the medical field are the result of his desire to provide better care and service to his patients.

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